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The Big Wip!

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1The Big Wip! Empty The Big Wip! on Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:19 pm


I am beloved of the Guac!
- So hi again Tongue Out!

- It's been awhile since i've actually posted something decent as a whole on these forums (i've been a bit un-active) so i thought this would help liven up the RCT3 Section itself and something to keep me occupied over the next 6 weeks since i broke up today Smile.

- So I'm calling it the Big Wip mainly because thats the truth, i don't want this to be the biggest project ever and saying that i don't like it to be too detailed - dunno why it's just something i was born with.

- Now to start off i've got pics of the first coaster, it'll be using ImagineerJohn's Maurer Concepts (four seater train) unless i see something more fitting on the market. So i'd like to thank him and everyone else for bringing RCT3 to the stage it's at now!

The Big Wip! Shot0264

The Big Wip! Shot0265

I was thinking about having this for a bits of foliage around some areas of the ride what d'you think?

2The Big Wip! Empty Re: The Big Wip! on Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:38 pm


The plants look great there! It would look great with patches of that dotted around, not too much though. Wink

There isn't much to see yet so I'll comment properly when you show some more. Smile

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