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A movie I am working on with a couple of friends.(COG Exclusive)

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I am beloved of the Guac!
Hey guys I know I haven't posted anything here in a while.
So here I am with a movie that I am making with some friends.Here is a little part of the scene.Please Ignore the spelling errors as I when I am in the moment I just type with out thinking.Also this movie is gonna be made in a game so do not expect anything fancy other than the video editing.

The beginning.

Fish:Captain(panting.) How are we gonna get out of here.
Captain:Get your grip Fish.WE ARE LEAVING!
(Fish and Captain start running away)
(Bomb detonates)
(Fade into the Black)
Scene1. Mission Rooftops
Captain:Alirght guys we have a Chinise securtary building under terriost seige.Our mission get in ,elimate the terrosit and defuse the bomb.We are airdropping on the roof so be on point.Get slincers on all weapons.Got IT!
All:Got it.
Captain:Alright lets move.
(All drops and we are on the top in the middle of vertigo.)
Captain:Fish your with me. Jen your with Rob:
Jen and Rob:Alright.
We'll go left and take out the guards there you two take the right.
(Both teams move oppsite directions.)
(Camera is on Captain and Fish)
Fish:Two boogies at 12oClock.
Captain:Alright these are mine.
(Captain comes around and shoots both guards.)
(Captain and Fish continue to walk)
Captain:Fish take out that guard in the walkway.
(Fish takes out the guard and make thier way up to a guard post.)
Captain:Rob,Jen what's your status?
Jen:We are making our way to the top of the guard post.We have two guards there but we can't get a clear shot off with out letting another alerted.
Captain:Right.Fish see if you can take out those two guards.
Fish:Right sir.
(Pulls out Sniper Rifle.)
Captain:Fish put a slincer on that.Wouldn't want the guards under us to hear it.
Fish:Hmph mabye it'll be a little more fun if they did hear us sir.(Puts slincer on)
Captain.Bloody hell it'll be,but we don't have the time for some fun.
(Fish takes out both guards)
Rob:Captain we're clear.
Fish:Sir,the rooftop is clear.
Captain:Right,lets move get to Jen and Rob so we can breach the Building.
(Fades out to black)

El Frog

El Frog
I approve of one of the characters being called Fish!

A movie I am working on with a couple of friends.(COG Exclusive) Forumbanner


I am beloved of the Guac!
I assume you'll be sure to not only mention the Crevice, but also each of us by name in your Academy Award acceptance speech?


I am beloved of the Guac!
Hmmm, interesting. I would like to see this progress. Might I enquire what medium this is being made on? I assume live action.

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