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Unrest in the Middle East

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1Unrest in the Middle East Empty Unrest in the Middle East on Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:21 pm


I am beloved of the Guac!
It's nice to see some activity around here again!

As such, I'd like to ask you for your own opinions on the unrest in the Middle East!

It started in Tunisia, then Egypt overthrew a 30 year old regime, now Bahrain, Morocco and even Iran are rising up against their rulers!

2Unrest in the Middle East Empty Re: Unrest in the Middle East on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:21 pm


I am beloved of the Guac!
For the people of those countries I think it's a good thing...if the new governments can actually fill some of the people's needs without lapsing into religious extremism that some groups support.

I don't think it will always work out to the benefit of the USA, but then, in my opinion, the USA being willing to overlook what they claim are core "American" values just because in was in their interests is always going to endear everyone over there to the US.

You know, even here in Brazil there's a certain degree of anti-Americanism. The people overwhelmingly love Americans, but they don't love American policies all the time. US support for military dictatorships here and interference in domestic affairs is still a sore spot. Plus there's a wide belief (often rightfully so I say) that Washington ignores everything south of the border until they want something. Brazilians are very suspicious of gringo intentions when it comes to, for instance, their recent oil discoveries. And the idea that Americans, who raped, burned, plundered and killed off much of their own resources try to lecture Brazilians on the Amazon and other areas makes people roll their eyes. James Cameron prancing around in tribal warpaint last year preaching at Brazilians while ignoring the fat Americans who eat the cheap beef and soybeans grown where forests once stood didn't go un-noticed!

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