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If you are a user of Internet Explorer, you may have noticed the forum automatically signing out far to often, every page in some circumstances. This is due to the way IE (sloppily) handles IFrames, which are an essential part to our forum. There are two
three things you can do the fix this issue. You can either use another browser, eg, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Or if you don't like the sound of switching to another browser and are much more comfortable in Internet Explorer then you can install the 'Google Chrome Frame' plugin. If you have not heard of it before, it is simply a plugin that renders a few certain websites (that have asked for it in the code) using the WebKit engine instead of Trident, as I believe IE's engine is called. Don't worry, there will be absolutely no changed so anything in your browser at all, simple CoG will function properly. Our very own Jonathan uses it. Any questions just contact me via PM. The final way, which is probably easiest, is if you are using Internet Explorer 8, you can run it in compatibility mode which should prevent the problem. This one was discovered by our member, RedCleft!


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