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So.....what is this area all about?

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1So.....what is this area all about? Empty So.....what is this area all about? on Mon May 10, 2010 3:50 pm

El Frog

El Frog
We are all creative, intelligent and somewhat awesome people* here at The Crevice Of Guacamole and the Administrators in their infinite wisdom have decided that we should have an area dedicated to the artistic works of the members** so that we can all bask in the glory.

The plan is for you all to be able to showcase your talents here, including (but not limited to):

- Poetry

- Short Stories

- Musical Composition

- Art (computer based or real life) and/or graphic design

- Sculpture

- Video

...and anything else that you would like to gain public acclaim for! It is probably best if you consider it like an online diary, and if possible, post regular updates and photos. There is no rule about "double posting".

Other members are very much encouraged to comment on the works, but it would be absolutely fantastic if we could get more than "it looks good" and go for more in-depth comments as this promotes discussion!

Constructive criticism is fine, but please be aware of the feelings of the artist!

* Not the clefts.
** Including the clefts.

So.....what is this area all about? Forumbanner

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