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A little note about picture sizes!

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1A little note about picture sizes! Empty A little note about picture sizes! on Tue May 11, 2010 6:35 am


As 800x600 is the general standard to posting pictures on other forums, it makes sense to have it so here. However, at current the forum is not quite wide enough. I will be remedying the problem very soon but in the meantime the edges of your pictures will appear cut off. Don't worry however, continue posting in 800x600 and as soon as the board is widened it will look fine. Thanks.


  • Pictures can be any height effectively, but no wider than 800px please Smile
  • While the forum is quite wide enough at the moment to display the full width off an 800px picture, it will cleverly just not display the entire picture instead of creating a vile vertical scroll bar. So just post in 800px and it will be fixed soon

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