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Jeremy's Latest Project!

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1Jeremy's Latest Project! Empty Jeremy's Latest Project! on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:50 pm


I am beloved of the Guac!
SGW likes ignoring my projects (with the expection of Jononono, who always has something constructive to say) so I'm bringing the latest happenings right over here to the Crevice!

The Theme Park Insider Blog, 7/20/10

Speculation grew recently in New England as rumours of a new Theme Park planned to be built were as good as confirmed by a series of leaked plans from an unknown source from inside the company's design team.

The concept drawing released showed very little, actually a scanned drawing torn out of a larger piece of paper.

After some research, Theme Park Insider found out more. The ride has been manufactured by Intamin AG, believed to be similar to Cedar Point's new addition; Shoot the Rapids. Locals are surprised by the park's apparent completion, as this is the first news or evidence of the park's existence. The location remains unknown.

Posted by: TPInews, 15:04, 7.20.2010

Jeremy's Latest Project! Shot0201

The Theme Park Insider Blog, 7/22/10

New company Supernova Attractions Inc. confirmed speculations about a new theme park opening in Vermont early next year. After a leak revealed a concept art of the park's first ride, SAI revealed two official promotional teasers of the area and ride.

Posted by: TPInews, 14:09, 7.22.2010

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Criticise and Comment! MadThumbs Up

Edit: Hmm, do shot tags work yet, or am I going to have to copy and resize every picture manually still, seeing how the Wide Format is refusing to cooperate? :roll:

For now, behold them in their bigness or have me post links instead, It's up to the admins.

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I am beloved of the Guac!
Moar! Thumbs Up

The Theme Park Insider Blog 7/23/10

Further releases were made by Supernova Attractions regarding their new park opening in Vermont. Head of Park Planning James Kilroy and Construction Manager Alex Burns have both agreed to write articles for the TPI Blog throughout construction.

The names of the first ride; Pirate Falls, and it's surrounding area; Smuggler's Coast, were released today

Posted by: TPInews, 13:53, 7.23.2010

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3Jeremy's Latest Project! Empty Re: Jeremy's Latest Project! on Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:41 pm


Pirates! The editing in the first picture looks very nice. The water ride has a unique layout and everything (scenery etc.) fits together well. I do think the white sheety things stand out a bit, but perhaps that's what you're going for!

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I am beloved of the Guac!
The Theme Park Insider Blog, 7/26/2010
Hi there, TPI Blog readers! I'm James Kilroy, SAI's Head of Planning, and for the past few months (and for the forseeable future), I've been working on the park due to open up in Vermont this year. You should all know about Smuggler's Cove by now, and I'm pleased to announce that this area's design has been finalised, and on-site construction will begin immediately.

As requested by the marketing department over at SAI, I give you some promotional material regarding the area and it's workings.

Smuggler's Cove will have 3 rides and a restaurant. One of the rides planned is still a concept underway elsewhere which SAI have had the chance to view before public announcement, but due to it's completion status, it won't open with the park and as such isn't included in the digital plans.

The main attraction of the area will be Pirate Falls, a classic water flume ride which will have riders soaked as they plunge down two giant 60ft drops! The other ride, Thunderin' Plunder, will be a 140ft Rotating Drop tower, giving guests a fantastic view of the park and it's surrounding area, before plunging to the ground at speeds of up to 40mph!

The restaurant, Tidal Tavern, will feature an outdoor seating deck for the visitors who really want to get up close and personal with Pirate Falls.. but be warned, you will get wet!

Posted by: SAIKilroy, 14:39, 7.26.2010

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